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About Cimmaron Dog Art

Cimmaron Dog Art Designer | Illustratior | Christine Ward Weber

About Our Service and Cimmaron Dog Art

My name is Christine Ward-Weber, the owner and illustrator for Cimmaron Dog Art. I specialize in custom canine and dog art designed for your personal use. I can create pet portraits to capture your companion forever or create canine print work. Illustrations are hand drawn than scanned into our system for future use. At Cimmaron Dog Art, I use and maintain the latest software, offering you print quality items for your individual needs. If you notice anything on our site you want customized, it is no problem. I can create that special item just for you. From all breed note cards to canine advertising: from dog art for active wear (t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies), I can create you a one of kind pet portrait that allows time to stand still. Quotes are gladly offered at no charge.

About Me

My degree is in commercial art. I have worked with many fortune 500 companies developing packaging design, graphics and displays. I have achieved numerous awards in packaging, design and illustration. I am a long time dog breeder for AKC show, field & performance dogs.

I believe your dog is captured in their eyes and work to capture the essence of each breed's uniqueness. I appreciate any feedback you wish to offer. Photo submissions for future work are always welcomed provided they are copyright free or provided with a copyright release. Please use our upload form when you submit an item to Cimmaron Dog Art.

Call for any additional information you might need, including club and quantity discounts.

Christine Ward-Weber

Cimmaron LLC
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Ramah, Colorado 80832
United States

Telephone: 720.4484927

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