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What Medium do you use to make my Pet Portrait?

My normal medium for Black & White drawings is either pencil or a combination of pencil and charcoal. My full color pieces are done by under laying a pastel foundation then applying a combination of watercolor pencils and color pencil technique to give vibrant colors with sharp details. Illustrations may be done from your photos or ours. I can use copyrighted photos only with a photographer's release. Such a release is normally given at no charge upon request. (Copyright release must be included with the request).

For full color work my medium is a mixed medium of pastel, and watercolor pencil. This mixed medium allows for the color vibrancies of watercolor with the detail that brings you pet's portrait to life on paper.

How long will it take before I see a proof of the final art?

For black and white orders from January till June, normal turnaround is about one week. For full color pet portraits about 15 days. From June thru December, turn around can be somewhat longer. A 50% deposit is required with the balance due at completion.

How can I approve my pet portrait?

A pdf or jpeg of the artwork will be emailed to you for approval before your item is shipped. Prices there are for one subject. A minimum of two or three shots is preferred, as it will increase our ability to capture expression. Options for ordering are on our online store. Prices there are for one subject. You have the right to use original illustrations in any format you wish (brochures, web sites, cards, etc.) for promotion of your kennel or personal use. You may not re-sell this drawing to be released as a product, i.e. re-marketed as a print for public sale without a prior release.

Can I make changes?

Absolutely. That's why we send a proof. We want you to be happy with the finished piece. Three adjustments may be made at no charge. Sometime we need to make a minor adjustment, since sometimes a photo misses a little feature that makes them yours.

How is my pet's portrait art shipped to me?

All work can be sent framed or rolled for you to frame. Rolled art is sent either USPS or FedEx. Framed artwork is professionally framed by a Gallery framer and shipped by a Specialty Packaging services, via UPS or FedEx.

How should the artwork be framed?

Our art should be framed with UV Glass for the best preservation. DO NOT USE a plexi glass covering, With time, the medium will start to be pull away from the paper and on to the surface of the plexi glass, destroying your art.

Who owns the copyright of a commissioned piece?

We file for copyrights when a new item is complete, it is owned by Cimmaron Design. When a the artwork is done as a custom item for an individual, club or kennel, it is assigned to Cimmaron Design with a usage agreement assigned to you, the club or kennel. You may not re-sell this drawing to be released as a product, i.e. remarketed as a print for public sale except as a breed promotion when used by a club. All illustrations are © by Cimmaron LLC for any additional usage unless a full release is agreed to prior to purchase. A CD/DVD can be ordered for use in additional formats, such as web sites, ads, for your individual needs.

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